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“Carbon Footprint” is emerging as one of the environmental conservation trends that worldwide major corporations are researching and exploring in depth. Accordingly, MPT Corporation has consistently fulfilled its role in enterprise corporate stewardship related to environmental conservation.

Beginning in April 2011, MPT has successfully executed a carbon footprint plan using a “PDA component” product (fig. 1).  Under the Carbon Footprint Calculation Guideline, it shows that the DPA component product generates 8.741 kg CO2e/unit of greenhouse gas in the entire life cycle (as depicted in Table-1); of the three stages of raw material, fabrication and transportation, the bulk of carbon emission is created during the fabrication stage, which accounts for 82.12% of the total volume of emission, followed by 17.87% in the raw material stage, and 0.01% during the transportation stage.  This reveals that to truly achieve environmental conservation, green process planning during a product’s fabrication stage must be strengthened.

As a frontrunner on the path of environmental conservation, MPT Corporation has amassed the strength to serve its clients and to join hands with its clients in creating greener, more environmentally friendly products.

Table-1: The PDA component’s greenhouse gas volume of emission by life cycle stages Fig. 1: The PDA component