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What is the sustainable development of MPT? Reuse, Green Material…
Help the earth. Let human being away from the crisis.

Mr.Engelberg, the father of Robot, founded Unimation Company and developed the world's first industrial robot in 1959. From then on, the automated production process was gradually adopted by the factory particularly in the dangerous work environment, the place where will damage human health and of high precision. The traditional production method has gradually been replaced by machinery such as chemical industry, welding, painting, cutting, and grinding, etc.

The modern automation factory has replaced the traditional assembly line, which could do the automated production, improve product quality and stability, increase efficiency, save energy and reduce carbon emissions benefits, meanwhile save a lot of solvent materials, which might impact on human health and the environment, like acetone, reduce the damage to the Earth, and has a direct contribution to environmental protection.

Automation factory not only replaces the normal production work with robots or robotic arms but reforms the production environment and management method intellectually. It’s a beneficial change for order taking, tooling, order fulfillment, logistic…and all supporting operation.

MPT has efficiently and closely integrated robots software, firmware, hardware, fixture and the model of manufacturing technology.

We commits to promote the automation factory because it can quickly switch production lines to meet customers’ demands of multi-species, multi-batch, small batch, and timely delivery, etc. and to provide multiple services to meet different customers’ needs.