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MPT is well experienced in the field of plastic injection and molding, thus its leading status in the industry. At the same time, it has its own mold design centers, located in different production sites in order to offer services to customers up close.

Our MPT injection molding machines are mostly imported. As for the tonnage, they range from 40 tons to up to 1,600 tons. The applicable processes include but are not limited to RHCM high-speed and high-temperature molding technology, double injection, IMR mold interior decoration and molding, insert molding, gas assisted injection etc., thereby providing the best molding combinations for customers’ products. The manufactured products include the files of 3C, automotive, medicine, military-specification electronic products, and so on.

The MPT Research Center is a research center in Jiangsu Province, China operated through foreign investment. It has its own R&D capabilities and conducts in-depth research, from the highest source of plastic raw material to molds, molding, surface treatment, and every aspect of the processes. As product raw material characteristics vary, matching and adjustments for mold design and manufacturing processes alike are needed to meet the needs of each characteristic.

MPT’s molding machines and equipment are well-equipped and comprehends. It has a number of mold design centers, coupled with strong R&D capability that enable it to provide customers with complete and comprehensive mechanical solutions.