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Double Injection
Double Injection molding is to make plastic materials with two different texture or color and to be completed in one molding process, and the after-molding product has the character of two different texture or color.
Insert Molding
First Install prepared article which is nut or metal sheet in the mould, and then insert plastics, to make them melted into Solidification. The connection way which is via mechanical design or chemical treatment can make the different texture connected firmly. This work process can increase the variety of change in structure and rigidity in material.
MuCell Injection
Before After
MuCell(Microcellular) character is in the process of using gas, in super critical state, precisely mixed with plastic injection molded, when insert the mixture to the mold cavity, it will appear expansion, which can decrease its weight. At the same time, this expansion of “gas” creates different size of nucleus, to make pressure balanced and less warp by plastic injection.

RHCM is a work process of raising mold surface temperature by steam, and then cool it down by cold water, which has its distinguished tech specialty, such as high gloss, weld line free, thin shape and distinct product texture, especially for product with glass fiber, its surface won’t show fiber. This process has been applied in appearance parts of NB and LCD TV.

MPT’s experienced and advanced RHCM technology in this area owes to its long-term research on it.

IMD (In-Mold Decoration) is a work process to decorate character or pattern on the surface of plastics in the period of plastic molding. According to the difference of process, it can be divided as IMF (In-Mold Foil) & IMR (In-Mold Roller). Both of them are environmental friendly process since there is no waste gas released.

Technical Specifications:
  • Multi-color printing, such as wood line, carbon fiber, metal color etc.
  • Can be colored both on injection surface line and in hole line.
  • To be Half Mirror appearance on the transparent mechanical parts.
  • Can be 3D appearance.
  • Injection Surface treatment of Hard Coat process (can reach 3H pencil hardness) has the wear-proof and beautiful specialty.
NCVM (Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallization)
This process is applied in many plastic materials, such as PC、PC+ABS、PMMA、NYLON etc. It not only has the metal touch feeling, but also has the function of avoiding interruption of communication products, RF (Radio Frequency) and ESD (electrostatic Discharge), so it has been extensively used in 3C products, e.g., Cellular phone, PDA, GPS, Bluetooth earphone.