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What is the sustainable development of MPT? Reuse, Green Material…
Plastics can be divided into Thermo Plastics and Thermosetting Plastics, and the Thermo Plastics can be further divided into Crystalline and Amorphous.

Amorphous:PC, PS, ABS, PVC…
Crystalline:PP, PE, PA, PLA…

MPT has been researching Crystalline for yeas via RHCM working process, and can successfully improve the molding cycle time and shrinkage after molding, that not only can reach mass production, amazing appearance, satisfied stiffness and resistant to thermal shock, but also choose PLA refined from plant or PA combined with high percentage of glass fiber as material, to reduce the oil consumption effectively and to fulfill the obligation to environmental friendly.

Bio-Sourced Material PLA
PLA is green plastic materials which come from and return to nature since it comes from the plant, and can reduce the dependence on petroleum plastics, meanwhile, can be carbon neutral to be environmental friendly. PLA alloy can have fame retardant, temperature proof and high stiffness etc. after the appropriate modifications with PLA, especially, combined with MPT’ s advanced injection molding technology, it can make many plastic products to be environmental friendly.
PA (Polyamide)
PA is an important engineering plastic with largest consumption. It has good comprehensive performance in processing, flexible warp, resistant to high temperature, low friction, high self-lubricated, and good resistant to chemicals, especially, compared to other plastics, PA can be combined with high percentage of glass fiber, to make the product thinner and stiffer, at the same time, it also can reduce the consumption of plastics, to make the effect of environmental friendly.